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New York Princess

I’d been called that damn name since the moment I was born into the Capelli family.

Only I’m not much of a princess per se,

I’m more of a devil decorated with a crown.

I smile when I’m supposed to.

I snark when I’m asked for my opinion.

And I do as my Papa asks. To an extent.

You see, my Papa, the notorious New York Mob Boss, is a man most people fear.

In a world where power is life and death is the only way out,

I’m merely a pawn between the two.

My Papa promised me to Milan D’Amico,

the heir to the New Jersey Outfit.

Traditions need to be adhered to and rules must not be broken.

Only, I don’t take too well to being ordered to sign my life to an enemy.

I will not be chained to him in glittering diamonds and burnished gold until death do us part.

I am Maya fucking Capelli and the blood that runs through my veins will not be tainted.

Vengeance and bloodshed are what I offer my prospective husband.

Our fates will never be entwined, and our fractured fairy tale will end in tragedy.

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