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A forbidden love. An addictive temptress and a Prince born to the night.

Prince Toviah is next in line to the throne of Venezia, a Kingdom rich in mystery and enchantment. Bound by his title to marry, not for love but for station, his heart belongs to the one forbidden.

Toviah’s insatiable hunger for the Countess betrothed to him will be his downfall. He finds himself irresistibly tempted by her luscious body & her persistent, yet alluring seductions. Until the night of the Blood Moon, when pure evil descends upon the Kingdom and wreaks havoc on his once perfect royal life. Toviah must decipher the meanings behind a series of riddles given to him by the mysterious Seer, and act before the darkness changes not only his perception of the world, but even Toviah himself.

This is the story of Toby and how he became the Blood Prince.
A Novella.


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This is a great start to a new series. It executed well, the writing is smooth and flowing and has a bit of mystery with magic.

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