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An ancient curse. An arrogant vampire prince & a love that goes against the rules.

The curse that has haunted me from birth carries with it dark secrets and nightmares.

The very curse I want no part of.

I’m sent to visit distant family in Rome for my eighteenth birthday, it is there that I first lay eyes on Dominic. When our worlds collide, a dangerous and forbidden love unfolds. A world full of violent secrets and crossed alliances, where we teeter on the edge of truth and deception.

Until, I meet the one that lurks in the shadows. The one that I’m supposed to be afraid of.

The one that reveals the dark and twisted reason I am coveted.


This book was great! I’ve read it a few times and I love the twists in it! I honestly can’t wait to find out what happens next and I hope it’s just as well thought out, but maybe doesn’t end on such a cliff hanger!!

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Loved the writing style of this author; it seemed as if it came from the pen of Beam Stoker. The plot is geared to a U.S. audience. The story.had an interesting take on vampire lineage and vampire lore. Good read.

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