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My life is dictated by my father. By my family. By my name.

Everything I do is for family.

Blood In. Death out.

It’s what we live by. It’s what we kill by.

Now that there’s no one to rule me, a sinner likes to play.

It’s simple.

I want what I can’t have, and I’ll make sure no other f#cker gets it either.

She had my heart and crushed it.

I let her see the life that forged who I am, and she threw it in my face.

Now she’s waltzed back into my life like it never happened.

I hate to need her. I need to hate her.

I will break her. Like my demons break me.

The game of cat and mouse is long over, freshman.

Who will break first?

WARNING: Vicious Enzo is a new adult/college bully romance with dark themes. This book is recommended for mature readers due to the language and sexual content.

“I stare at him, at his villainous gaze, his eyes are full of savage brutality. A true monster in the flesh.”
— Vicious Enzo: A College Bully Romance (Verona Academy Book 2) by Melinda Terranova


This the second novel in the Verona Academy world. This one focusing more on Enzo. He is a mafia prince and I loved this book, even more than the first. I read a lot of books, and a lot of them follow similar storylines. This one does not.

What I adored about this novel was that the male lead, Enzo, is by no means a “good” man. In many ways he is a psychopath. He is not the reluctant killer, but rather he is what he is. This was his destiny, and although he may not love it, he does own it.

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