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Signed Corrupt Temptation Paperback

Corrupt Temptation PAPERBACK

SKU: 364215376135191
  • My life was meant to change when we escaped our past.
    New family. New town. New school.
    I find myself living in a shinier version of hell, with a devil hell bent on crushing me.
    My new stepbrother, the heir to the Knight fortune and legacy, is also my senior year English teacher. He doesn’t hold back on punishing me in class.
    The three Kings that rule St. Ivy and this town have also set their sights on me.
    Specifically, one who seems to have a personal vendetta against me.
    His callous gaze, wrathful mouth, and vengeful ways know no bounds.
    His two devious best friends are no saints, with their irresistible smirks and flirty touches, some bordering on the line of possessive.
    Little do they know I made a promise to myself long ago that I would never again be a possession.
    They seem to think they can break me.
    But these boys don’t know who they’re dealing with. I’ve faced monsters that would make them hide under their beds and piss in their pants. Monsters who taught me to put up impenetrable shields to keep me safe inside.
    The irresistible torture of these manipulative Kings has me fighting my own demons.
    I manage to resist the four of them until my walls slowly crack, my truths start spilling out, and I’m drawn into their secret world of lies and violence with no escape.

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